Short Circuit Stout & Schottky Pumpkin Now in 16oz. Cans!

Our can family is about to double, and we couldn't be more excited!

Our flagship, Short Circuit Stout, is the last to join the permanent aluminum clad lineup. Following closely is our popular seasonal - Schottky Pumpkin. These are set to hit store shelves starting Monday, August 15th! We will be rolling out a seasonal in cans every other month moving forward with Tiny Circuit Coffee Stout to come out in October.

Why Cans, You Ask?

As a brewery in confined spaces, such as our home in Lowertown St. Paul, our growth has been organic and constant.  After doing much research and processing feedback from our customers and wholesale accounts, packing in aluminum cans was a no-brainer. The people want convenience, and they were not only telling us, but showing us with their wallets.

According to Nielsen's Craft Beer Insights Poll, which was conducted in June 2016 by HarrisPoll, respondants were asked, "Which reasons would you consider when buying craft beer in a can or bottle packaging?" Although the results still showed people generally prefer bottles in taste, quality and freshness, the percentage of individuals who preferred a can in these categories has risen since 2015. To us, this illustrated that the perception and demand for a fresh, quality product in a can is changing for the better. There was also a significant rise to 23% in the amount of people that saw the can as being a more convenient package format than in 2015.

We think that is a reason for us to raise our cans high, and Slainte!

As published by the Brewers Association: