Who are we?

Tin Whiskers

Tin Whiskers is on a mission to make technically excellent beers, and is the perfect place for beer-nerds and non-nerds alike. We bring our electrical engineering backgrounds into the brewery with our beer names, listing of ingredients and our scientific approach to the brewing process and branding, including circuit board flight holders and the creation of new and innovative beers.

For the thirsty, we have year-round beers, seasonal offerings, and prototype small batch recipes always available in the taproom. Whether our beers are a creation of our brewing masterminds or a collaboration with others in the industry, we promise to always have something on tap you will love whether it’s for a pint or a whole flight of our brews.

Engineered for Freshness

We take great pride in crafting high quality beer. Our beers are unfiltered and unpasteurized and are therefore ‘alive’ with yeasts and good bacteria. These components continue to flourish even after the beer has been bottled, resulting in beer that is best enjoyed fresh. We regularly visit our retailers to be sure that all of our beer can be purchased and consumed while the beer is at its freshest.

Freshness windows for our flagship beers are:

  • Flipswitch IPA: 3 months (from packaging date)

  • Wheatstone Bridge: 4 months

  • Short Circuit Stout: 6 months

It’s a good idea to check the side of every bottle of craft beer you buy to be sure you’re getting the freshest beer possible.  We do our best to keep our bottles fresh, but if you see a bottle beyond its freshness window, please let the staff at your liquor store know so we can replace it with a fresh one!

Team Robot

We at Tin Whiskers are made up of a great team that love what we do. Check out our monthly featured staff member!

One "Devoted connection" to beer.

Jeff Moriarty and his two founding partners met at the University of MN. Electrical Engineering Degrees in hand, they found themselves working together for a small engineering services company in downtown Minneapolis. Frequently unable to resist the allure of the 11-6 happy hour (we're looking at you Bar 508 and Pizza Luce) they found themselves with plenty of time to discuss craft beer and how it relates to Life, the Universe and Everything. As engineers, the great interplay between the art and science of brewing beer was a topic of conversation they could never quite shake.


On May 2nd 2015, Tin Whiskers kicked off Season 2 of Taproom Travlers; a webseries devoted to uncovering the best Midwest breweries! Check out our webisode here:

In an After Hours Special, Taproom Travlers follows head brewer Derek Brown on a behind the scenes look at his process for brewing some of the best craft beer in the Twin Cities.