Welcome Lumen Lager to our Seasonal Lineup

Wow, how quickly things have changed. November 2014 we distributed 22oz. bombers of our flagship brews for the first time. Fast forward one year, and we move our flagships to 16oz. cans. August 2016 rolls around, and we introduce our seasonal cans to the shelves, starting with our Schottky Pumpkin. And now, diversification starts with our Lumen Lager.

We have heard time and time again that the thirsty want variety, and know this is only the beginning for us - there is much more in store.


Lumen Lager CanMore Actually Is Better


Head Brewer, Derek Brown said recently that, "Pilot beers are how breweries expand their beer portfolio. Before we decide to brew a beer at full scale production we brew many pilot batches, sometimes up to 8, and ask our taproom patrons to give feedback on each batch. When served a Fourier Series beer in our taproom, it will come with a comment card asking for feedback on what was great about the beer and what could be improved. We always utilize taproom feedback when developing a new beer." You can read more about his experience using the pilot system here.

The Origins of Lumen Lager

One of his recent projects was the Fourier Series: Lager. Derek said brewing on our pilot system is one of his favorite parts of his job, and notes that, "through this experimental process I’ve deepened my understanding of what raw materials fit into our brewing philosophy of making balanced and approachable beers." 

And we are happy to say this new brew is no exception. Lumen Lager will be hitting store shelves mid-March in 4-pack, 16oz. cans, and encompasses this philosophy entirely - balanced, approachable, sessionable, yet flavorful.

Lumen Lager went through 3 total iterations on our pilot system, during which time we collected valuable feedback from you; our customers. We found that you wanted clean and crisp, ruby red, and a mild, fresh hop profile, and we think we've done it. 4.2% ABV  |  40 IBUs

Look for a limited amount of Lumen Lager on store shelves starting mid-March, as well as on tap at select bars across the Twin Cities, and join us for the tap release on March 16th at 4p! Find Tin Whiskers near you.

What Exactly Is a Lager, You Say?

Lagering is a brewing process, not so much a specific type of beer. There are many different beers that can be a lager, such as a Pale Lager, Vienna Lager, and Dark Lager.

A Lager is a type of beer that is conditioned at low temperatures, meaning that maturation takes a bit longer than ales, which are conditioned at slightly higher temperatures. Lagers are also distinguishable because they use a specific type of yeast, called a Lager yeast.