Introducing the Spark Series

The garage is dark. It’s early and quiet, but you’ve got your mash tun ready. You just need a heat source, a well placed fire under your kettle. And to get that, you need a little spark.

Back in January of 2015, we launched a new series of test batch beers in our taproom called the Fourier Series. Using our single barrel pilot system, we’ve been able to try out new recipes and experiment with wild ingredients (anyone who’s been to one of our Brew Offs has probably sampled a Belgian Dubbel brewed with tamarind and lemongrass). These small batches often only lasted through the weekend before thirsty customers like you would drain the kegs and ask the always important question: when will you make more?

Now, almost three years later, we’re excited to announce our newest program: the Spark Series. Produced with its namesake in mind, the Spark Series will include beers that challenge our talented brew team to experiment with new flavors, new techniques, and new styles. It will also allow us to capture some of your favorite taproom-only Fourier Series products and graduate them into this new can series. But just like a spark, these limited-run beers will be here one minute and gone the next, so we encourage you to act fast when you see them.

So, when can you get your hands on the first release in the Spark Series? Sooner than you think! Rolling out this December will be recent taproom-favorite Volt. This Elderflower and Rhubarb Wheat Ale is bright, crisp, and refreshingly tart – the perfect beer for someone craving a splash of summer in these colder months. Originally brewed as part of our latest Brew-Off event with Urban Growler, we can’t wait to bring this beer out of the taproom and into your local beer shop.

Keep an eye peeled throughout 2018 as we continue to release these quick, creative bursts into liquor stores near you. And if you can’t seem to find it at your local bottle shop, make sure to ask for it (and let us know!). You’ve always been our best sales team, and we can’t thank you enough for choosing Tin Whiskers as one of your go-to beers. We’re excited to bring you additional exciting options next year, all artfully engineered for you right here in Lowertown, St. Paul.