Throw It in The Smoker

Just like pickling, you can smoke just about anything. Not only is smoking used as a method of preservation, the different methods, woods, and vessels lend a wealth of unique, one-of-a-kind flavors to your finished product. Join us tomorrow, July 25th, starting at 4p, and talk to the brewers and chefs, check out the smoker, drink delicious beer, and enjoy a pop-up dinner with the folks from Handsome Hog. Find more info here.

Tin Whiskers / Handsome Hog Smoked Stout 
Head Brewer Derek Brown has worked closely with Joe and Chef Justin at Handsome Hog, using their culinary approach, to create the perfect smoked stout to pair with their contemporary Southern cuisine. Good times were had, a relationship was born, and unique experience and brew were on the horizon. 
For smoking, Maris Otter malt was chosen because of the richer biscuit character, which is lacking in American Two Row. Maple wood was selected for burning, along with a small amount of hickory. The maple lends a light, delicate, mild sweetness to the malt, in comparison to the more pungent flavors of the hickory. Thanks to a happy accident, this batch will include a 1792 Kentucky bourbon barrel. As our delivery driver was bringing some barrels back to the brewery, it fell apart in the van. The barrel should create a slightly richer smoke, allowing us to run each batch through the smoker a bit quicker. 

Photo Courtesy of Kevin Kramer

The smoker they use is an offset-reverse flow "Stick Burner", which creates a bit of a barrier between the firebox and the malt. This is nice, since we aren't trying to roast our malt any further - just kiss it with some smokey goodness. It heats more evenly, and the smoke trickles over the cooking area a bit slower than most other types of smokers. Read more about it from The Growler - photo courtesy of Kevin Kramer
Handsome Hog
Handsome Hog serves a plethora of delicious house-smoked meats, as well as other house-made delicacies for you to enjoy. Check out their new menu, including a new brunch menu, which brings back some old favorites.