Draft-Only Beers

Wheatstone Bridge
A crisp and refreshing American style wheat beer with distinct flavors of honey and chamomile tea. 2018 GABF and Beer Army Beer Wars bronze medal winner. • 5.4% ABV
Lowertown Lager: a beer for when you're thirsty. • 5%
The Fourier Series is Tin Whiskers' experimental product development beer series. • Changes
The Nova series is where we play with all things hazy, churning out a wide variety of options that fit today's trendiest IPA-style • Varies
We let our brewers go a little wild with this one. The Ion IPA series is for all things experimental -- utilizing new techniques, tricks, and styles to produce some seriously fun, seriously different IPAs. • Varies

Spark Series Beers

Our re-engineered, classic Kolsch brewed with fresh dill and cucumbers to taste just like a crisp dill pickle. • 4.5%
Scary Books is our homage to the classic dirt cup treat: a blonde ale brewed with chocolate pudding, crushed up sandwich cookies, and gummy worms. • 5.5%
A classic American Lager infused with vanilla and marshmallow to taste just like a rice cereal treat bar. • 5.5%
Now you can have your cake and drink it too: a light bodied blonde ale bursting with flavors of fresh cake, sprinkles, and frosting. • 5.2%
Like baking’s version of a boss fight, macarons are known for their difficulty in baking. Our award-winning brew team was up for the challenge. • 5.2%
Pie is just one of those things that makes everyone happy. It makes sense, then, to combine it with the one other universally loved product: beer. • 5.\%

Seasonal Beers

These hyper-fresh, hyper-limited hop bombs will only be available for a short time, so grab them when you see them! • ABV Varies
A well balanced, medium-bodied porter with notes of chocolate, roast, and nuttiness. • 5.4%
Our 7th anniversary beer, in cans for the first time! • 8.2%
Our collaboration with Wooden Ship Brewing, a brand new brewery out of MPLS, was brewed for backyard BBQs and designed to be paired with anything with char marks. • 5.6%
A favorite tradition, re-engineered for 2021. This dry Irish stout was brewed and infused with the flavors of Irish Cream -- chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and Irish Whiskey-soaked oak. • 4.3%
A refreshingly tart summer sour, finished on the flavors of rainbow sherbet: pineapple, orange, and raspberry. • 4.1%
A medium-bodied sour ale, brewed with strawberries, blackberries, boysenberries, blueberries, raspberries, and vanilla. • 4.7%
A fall beer that tastes and smells like that delicious pumpkin pie we all know and love • 6.6% ABV
A malty and slightly hoppy, balanced and approachable Märzen, perfect for easy Fall drinking. • 5.7%

Dream State Variants

Orange Dream State
Brewed with fresh oranges and vanilla to remind you of backyard picnics, fireworks, and cooling down with a frozen ice pop. • 5.5%
The fourth installment in our Dream State line is a soon-to-be summer classic, packed with fresh lemons and vanilla. • 5.5%
The fifth installment in our Dream State line harnesses the dark sweet and tart balance of cherries. • 5.5%
The second in our series of Creamsicle Cream Ales was aged on white peaches and vanilla for a soft, sweet finish. • 5.5%
The third installment in our Dream State line is a seriously nostalgic treat, packed with all the flavors of a classic rocket pop just for the summer. • 5.5%


Iced Tea + Lemonade + Hard Seltzer = The Perfect Thirst Quencher • 5.%
Gummy Bears + Hard Seltzer = Summer’s New Go-To Drink. • 5.4%

Wheatstone Variants

A crisp and refreshing American- style wheat beer with fresh apricot. • 5.4%
A crisp and refreshing American- style wheat beer with orange peel and cinnamon. • 5.4%
A crisp and refreshing American- style wheat beer with fresh blueberries. • 5.4%
A crisp and refreshing American- style wheat beer with fresh pomegranate. • 5.4%

Pearson's Collaborations

Our first new addition to our series of Pearson’s Candy collaborations since 2019 is a chocolate covered-take on our iconic Salted Nut Roll Ale. • 5.5%
Salted Nut Roll Cream Ale
Our second collaboration with Saint Paul's legendary Pearson's Candy Company, Salted Nut Roll Ale is a light, easy drinking cream ale with peanut butter, white chocolate, and salted caramel. • 5.5%
A light, refreshing blonde ale with a prominent almond nuttiness and natural honey kick to remind you of everyone's favorite taffy treat. • 5.4%
Spark Series: Nut Goodie Porter
We partnered with the legendary Pearson’s Candy to bring you a porter with chocolate, peanut butter, and maple -- all the flavors of their famous Nut Goodie. • 6%
Our fourth collaboration with Pearson's Candy Company is a rich, silky dessert stout brewed with real dark chocolate and peppermint oil. • 11.4%