Towards a New Flipswitch IPA

We are thrilled with the new capabilities and capacity that our new production equipment has given us.  We’re a month into our newly-expanded production efforts and we’re excited by the new things we ca.One of the FlipSwitch IPAbiggest benefits of our new system is the ability it gives us to dry hop directly into the FlipSwitch beer without the need for hop bags.  Our smaller system required us to use a mesh bag (hop bag), which dampened the aromatic results in the final product. This is due to the decrease surface area of the hops with the beer when confined to the hop bag.  Since we started the brewery, we have targeted significant aroma from the FlipSwitch.  The new system finally gets us to that goal.

As diligent engineers, we take change seriously.  Rather than changing every element in our recipe as we move toward our ultimate goal, we used our first batch this week to hit the aroma target, without changing the malt components or the amount of hops used.  We’re thrilled with the aroma results of our first batch.  It’s very hop-forward and gives us exactly the citrus nose we want.  You’ll notice that right away.  You’ll also notice that the malt character is less prominent in this first batch.  The aroma hops take your full attention. This is due to the increased surface area of the hops with the beer when not in a hop bag.

Our next batch will be brewed in a few weeks.  That batch will be brewed with the dry hop amounts reduced slightly.  It should be the final step in creating the new FlipSwitch IPA with the same malt base and well-balanced hop finish you’ve come to enjoy – but with the exciting new aromatics you can smell in this first Beta batch of FlipSwitch. 

We hope you enjoy experiencing the brewing process with us.  We love your feedback.  Tell us what you think of the aroma of this Beta batch. Slainte!