Lagers vs. Ales in a Micro-brewery

In today’s economy, time and space are money. The craft beer market is moving and growing at the speed of light (much to our delight!) and our fans are drinking our beer as fast as we can make it!

If we lived in our dream world, we’d produce lots of lagers or traditional Belgian style ales. But, if we focused on these we’d run out of time and brewing capacity to brew our popular flagship and seasonal beers.

Lagers vs. Ales

Lagers traditionally take between 2 to 4 times as long to ferment as ales.  Lagers can require even more time and energy to perfect, considering the differences in yeast strains.  Ale yeasts and lager yeasts are different species altogether. Ale yeast thrives at temperatures over 60˚F, while lager yeast prefers mid to low 40’s. Providing this low of a temperature often requires more expensive and power-hungry special equipment.

Traditional lagers with traditional yeast need 6- 8-weeks to ferment, which for many micro-breweries is just not practical. Being able to pump out a California Common, like our Lumen Lager, in 4 weeks vs. 6-8 is certainly better, but with the ability to turn out an ale in 2 weeks, it’s hard for a smaller brewery to dedicate the time and space to lagers.

Lumen Lager & Parity Pilsner

Economics aside, during these early Spring months we revel in the experience of bringing two of our longer fermenting creations to the tap lines as well as in cans for you to enjoy.

In late March, we released our Lumen Lager. This was a brand new beer to our lineup. It is a California Common - a light copper or amber colored beer rich in fresh malt flavor with a mild hop aroma. At 4.2% ABV, this beer has a ton of complexity and flavor while being crisp and sessionable. Lumen Lager can still be found at the Taproom and in 4-pack, 16oz. cans around the Twin Cities. Find Lumen near you.

On April 21, we are releasing our favorite lawn-mowing beer – Parity Pilsner. This is a Pre-prohibition style pilsner brewed with a true lager yeast. We wait an agonizing 7 weeks for it to ferment, but it’s well worth the wait! This beer has major depth without sacrificing the thirst-quenching crispness and lightness you would expect from a pilsner. Look for Parity in 4-pack, 16oz. cans at your favorite local liquor store starting April 24th.

Join Us for the Tap Release!

Join us in celebrating the return of Parity Pilsner to the tap lines on April 21st with two more of your favorite beer drinking accompaniments – baseball and sausage!

The St. Paul Saints are gearing up for another season of fun and comradery in Lowertown, and they will be joining us to spread the seasonal vibes along with New Bohemia Food Truck slanging the dogs.


-- 3p: Parity Pilsner on tap and available in growlers

-- 3-5:30p: St. Paul Saints in the taproom with giveaways and a special game with prizes

-- 3p: New Bohemia Wurst Haus Food Truck on site with a variety of sausages

-- All night: New baseball-themed shirt available

-- 7p: Cask of Parity Pilsner dry-hopped w/ Liberty tapped

Stay tuned here for more details!