A Step Towards Consistency in Quality and Appearance

There is no denying that we have grown beyond what we could have ever imagined since first opening.  What we are planning for now, is where we imagined we would be at year 5 - at the earliest.  With running a small business, comes many experiences - growing gains and pains.  

Our learning experiences have expanded far and wide, and with any craft product, variation is inevitable.  But, as we carry on through our collective journey, we work out the kinks - together.

We are producing more and more beer each growing day for the thirsty - That's YOU!   As that number grows, and people return to our beer time and time again, the need for a consistent, reliable product is a necessity.  

As most of you know, we expanded for the very last time in our current space last June when we replaced 3, 15bbl fermenters with 3 new shiny 30bbls.  Aside from the need for a consistent product, space is an issue that we deal with daily.  Cue the centrifuge.

What is a Centrifuge?

A centrifuge, or separator, is a large tank that whirls the beer around at high speeds causing denser solids, such as yeast and hops, to be spun out of the liquid through increased gravitational force.  By nature, this will speed up the production process without stripping the beer of the desirable hop and malt flavors that a traditional filtration system would - so the beer is clarified, but never fully filtered.  This process knocks off about 4-5 days from the maturation process and increases yield, allowing us to produce more beer in less time.  It also allows us to ensure all beer looks exactly the same, as we are able to pre-set the turbidity - or haziness of the fluid.  Read more about it here.

What does this mean to you? 

In our continued effort to improve the consistency and quality of our product, we find the need to be fully transparent.  We want to let you know that your beer may look different - it is going to be clearer - and that's it.  The beauty of the centrifuge is that while it separates the heavier particulates, it leaves all the flavor.  Think of it as straining the pulp from your orange juice - tastes the same, just no floaties in your glass.

We also want you to know that we welcome any opportunity to explain our methods in more detail at any time and place. If you have questions about our processes, quality control procedures, ingredients, or just want to tell us what you think, please don't hesitate to reach out.