This a time of year to be thinking of others. Most of us are lucky and have a great support group around us of friends and family -- Here at Tin Whiskers, we have been so fortunate to have an incredibly expansive and supportive group of friends, family, customers and a community who have been so loyal and dependable since the very beginning. 

Others however, need a hand every now and then and that's why we have taken an initiative to open ourselves up to to the community in our Beyond-the-Robot community donation program. 

In 2015 alone, we have donated over $10,000 to local charities and community organizations such as:

And we are not stopping there! 

- November 27 - December 17 We are hosting a Toy Drive, collecting new, packaged toys, for the great folks over at The Family Place who have done so much for the underserved in St. Paul.

- December 7 - December 13 We are collecting non-perishable food items for our friends at The Food Group who are fighting hunger in our area.

Plus, if you bring in a donation of either items (or both!) You will receive one free beer for your generosity -- Limited to one per day.

Are you or someone you know part of an organization that you think would like to take advantage of Beyond-the-Robot? Check out our donation page, see if you qualify, fill out the form and we will get back to you!


The term Beyond-the-Robot comes from the electrical engineering term "Beyond-the-Rails". In electrical engineering, when designing amplifiers for lower power battery operated applications, the common voltage for the inputs to the amplifier requires a wider range than that of the negative and positive voltage rails, or supplies. Amplifiers that can take inputs outside of the voltage rails and still amplify correctly are called Beyond-the-Rail amplifiers like those from Maxim Integrated. Using this model, we go above and beyond for our community to supply what is necessary for those in need.