A Bold Experiment | Fourier Series: Saison

Discovery Requires Experimentation

Isn't that what they always say? We have spent countless hours of time and energy exploring differenet styles, methods and ingredients to craft the best possible brews and to create new and exciting beers you will love. But why should we be the only ones providing input? Cue our Fourier Series.

Fourier Series: Saison In-House Tap Takeover - January 15

Join us on January 15th for a rare "in-house tap takeover' in the taproom.  We want your feedback on three different versions of our Fourier Series: Saison, The focus of each featured phrase is, "3 variations of malt bills focusing on the base malts." According to Head Brewer, Derek Brown. "The next round will compare two saisons using the malt bill we found most flavorful, but will feature new hops - allowing us to narrow down a hop bill for the perfect saison." The third variation, " will compare three different yeast strains to narrow down the perfect bill."

- Alpha Phase 0: Pilsner grain base

- Alpha Phase 1: Vienna grain base

- Alpha Phase 2: A balance of both pilsner and vienna grains

Creative Inspiration

The creation of our latest Fourier Series project was sparked by an inquiry from a new restaurant wanting an exclusive beer for their restaurant. Heirloom, located on Marshall Avenue in St. Paul, wanted a modern farmhouse ale to match their modern farmhouse cuisine. Something light yet flavorful, organic on the pallatte, and approachable to all. After some discussion, we decided on a saison we wanted to name Daisy Chain - With the restaurant owning the special edition, Heirloom Daisy Chain.

In electrical engineering terms, a daisy chain is a wiring scheme that combines multiple devices in sequence or in a ring.  We thought this name exemplified the mutually beneficial relationship we formed with Heirloom. 

Introducing Daisy Chain

According to Beer Advocate, a saison is a very complex style; many are very fruity in the aroma and flavor. Look for earthy yeast tones, mild to moderate tartness, lots of spice and with a medium bitterness. They tend to be semi-dry with many only having touch of sweetness.

Collaborating with Heirloom to create such a delicious beer is only the beginning of our experimental cycle. Now, we ask for your help to make the Daisy Chain in to something fantastic that we can bottle and distribute for your drinking pleasure. 

So join us, try the beers, cast your opinion (it's alright, we can take it) and take a first-hand seat in helping us craft something you will love and enjoy seeing and taking ownership of on the store shelves.