Introducing the Fourier Series

Introducing the Fourier Series

A new year is here, and that means it’s time to start drinking some new Tin Whiskers beers! With the holidays behind us, we’ve been getting back to work and kicking around a few ideas over here at the brewery. Late last year we started offering our beers on cask as well as infused with different spices, fruits, and chocolates, but we’ve got more big ideas up our brewer shirtsleeves. We’re excited to announce our brand new pilot system line: the Fourier Series.

So What Is a Fourier Series?

In mathematical terms, a Fourier series is a way to represent a wave-like function as a sum of simple sine waves. They can be used to transition an electrical signal from a time-based representation to a measure of frequency, which, among other things, allows electrical engineers to filter frequencies so they only view what is necessary for the work they’re doing (i.e. dialing in only on audible frequencies for use in noise suppression).

How We’ll Use Our Fourier Series.

Our Fourier Series is how we will take new beer ideas from concepts into finished, delicious products. If you’ve been in the taproom over the last month or so, you might have already tried our first two Fourier Series entries. The first official release was our peated Scottish ale, which has already graduated to full-scale production (more on that to come soon). We also recently featured a fresh take on our Wheatstone Bridge Honey Chamomile Wheat using orange blossom honey instead of clover honey. These are our first attempts at trying out new beer styles, and the only way for us to know how they turned out is to release them and have you let us know. When you swing by the taproom and see a new Fourier Series beer on tap, make sure you order one and tell us what you think!

What’s Next in the Fourier Series

We love making these new beers just as much as you love drinking them. Keep an eye on our social media pages and taproom menu (you can visit from your home or smartphone) for the next Fourier Series beers: an English-style barleywine brewed with molasses and a wheatwine brewed with orange blossom honey, coriander, and sweet orange peels. We'll also announce the winners of our Community Sourced Beer Program at the end of the month who will be coming in to brew a special batch with us. 

Remember these are small batch brews, so make sure you head down to the taproom when you see a new Fourier Series on tap!