Tin Whiskers Brew-Off vs. LynLake Brewery

We have thrown down the gauntlet for a second time this year, and LynLake Brewery has accepted!

On Wednesday, September 23rd from 5-8PM, Republic in Calhoun Square will be hosting our taste-off of the beers each brewery has created using the ingredients you, our patrons, have voted on. By polling our social media followers, the winning ingredients this time around are lemongrass, tamarind and caramel... This should be interesting. 

The Brew-off concept started where else but here in our Taproom. Co-founder Jeff Moriarty states, “I have a really good relationship with one of our customers, and one day she was throwing around some ideas of some fun things to do and mentioned this Brew-Off.” Similar to the concept of the popular TV show, Chopped, the minimalistic rules of the Brew-off state that each brewer needs to make a beer in any style, simply using the three chosen ingredients in any form they wish.

Regarding the concept, Jeff states, “It’s just a fun way to really challenge you to use ingredients you may never [have used], or never even wanted to use before, but now you’re forced to.” By styling the contest in this fashion, the raw creativity involved in the brewing process comes to the forefront of the challenge by displaying the varity of ways in which each ingredient can be used, and how they play off each other's flavors. 

During our last Brew-off vs. Urban Growler, the beer styles and flavor profiles were listed along with the brewery that created them. The result of the last competition ended in a stunning tie -- 52 vs. 52.

This time around, we are going to keep the beer styles on the hush -- and while the voting sheets will list their styles and flavor profiles, the brewery names will be left out of the equation, resulting in a blind taste test. 

Patrons on site will have the opportunity to vote using our paper voting forms, as well as via Twitter using the #TWBrewOff to list your favorite brew.

Check out our Facebook event page to stay up to date! And don't forget to RSVP and invite your friends!