Community Sourced Beer

Tin Whiskers is excited to announce our beer exchange and community sourced recipe programs. Both are ways for us to connect with our home-brewing base and inspire each other to create an ever growing list of new and interesting beers.

The Beer Exchange

Starting today and through the New Year, bring in a bottle of home-brew from a recipe you created and get a free beer of your choosing*.

Why would we do this?

We started as home-brewers, so home-brewed beers will always have a special place in our hearts It’s our way of thanking you for sharing your passion for beer with us!

Why would you do this?

Did we mention the free beer?

Community Sourced Recipes

Now here is where things get really interesting. If you decide to bring us one of your uniquely crafted home-brews you can also opt-in to participate in our community sourced recipe program.

Our community sourced recipe program is a little experiment in engaging with the community to crowd-source an awesome new beer recipe. All of our beers are created by experimenting, tasting, improving, and iterating on our prototype system. Unfortunately, similar to most home brewers, we have only one prototype system.

The sheer volume of experiments run by home-brewers everyday is something we couldn't hope to match. Likewise, home brewers aren't afraid to take big risks with their recipes, even when it doesn't always work out. Some of the best beers in the world are likely to be hiding out in someone’s basement in an inconspicuous brown bottle.

We figured, why not try to unlock that power?

So what do you need to do?

Either fill out this form before you bring in your beer, or let one of our beertenders know you want to participate and they’ll give you a paper form. Make sure to have a unique label or marking on your beer. Tell us what you love about your home-brew and/or what you think makes it special.

What will we do?

We will collect home-brews until the New Year. At that point we’ll pick a beer among the entries to be our next pilot batch.

Then what?

You will get too help us name, brew, and launch the beer. On launch day you and up to four friend’s will each get a flight and two pints for free.

Join our little experiment and let’s see if we can unlock the power of home-brewers together!

*Limited to one home-brew per visit, and and only valid for each unique home-brew brought in.