Move over Charlie Brown....there is a new Great Pumpkin!

Fall is a bittersweet time here in Minnesota. A time where we have to start saying goodbye to the warm temperatures and the seasonal outdoor activities that summer gifts us. On the flip-side, it is also a gateway to arguably the most picturesque time of year with the changing of the leaves and temperatures that let you wear your favorite sweatshirt. There is also an unmistakeable orange glow that shines almost as bright as the sun....... the great pumpkin.

The cultivar of the squash plant or as it has known in Latin, Curcurbita pepo, the pumpkin has been a Fall staple for most us as we have grown beyond the legal drinking age. Carving Jack O'Lanterns as young children, throwing them away after they have sat on our front step a couple weeks too long, watching grandma converting them into delicious things such as pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, or even just baking the seeds. Really not a lot of bad can come from our round, orange friend. 

Now that we have gotten older, the uses of pumpkin have evolved with us. They want to spend the last three months of each year not letting our taste buds forget what different variations of it taste like. Here is just a small example of products that are vying to catch your eye over their regular, more boring counterparts: Pumpkin spice cream cheese, flavored butter, Pringles potato chips, Jello pudding, Oreo cookies, Hershey’s kisses, M&Ms, yogurt, coffee creamers and even liquor.

Craft beer is one of the biggest markets which rides the pumpkin roller coaster each fall. Every brewery has their own vision of what they want to accomplish using the pumpkin element while brewing their fall seasonal. We had our own vision during the infancy stages of the brewery and the end result is the Schottky Pumpkin Ale. 

Schottky Pumpkin Ale is an amber ale with a sweet pumpkin flavor. Made with actual roasted pumpkin and generous amounts of pumpkin pie spice, the delicious aroma coming from your pint glass replicates the unmistakeable smell of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. We are pleased to have Schottky Pumpkin Ale making its seasonal debut on tap this Fall. Like all other seasonal pumpkin flavored items, its run will be limited so be sure to stop in this Fall to pick up a pint or a growler to enjoy!