Accomplishments to Date

We've been working hard to get Tin Whiskers Brewing up and running, and we can't help but look ahead to our Grand Opening in a couple months! But first, let's take a few minutes to reflect on our accomplishments so far.

Welcome Home! A view from the new home of Tin Whiskers. It took many months and the help of the best real estate advisors in the Twin Cities...but we did it.

Demolition day. No demo-helpers were injured in the making of this video. 
Lessons Learned:

  • Removing glued down carpet is a great work out
  • Sledgehammers+walls is as fun as it sounds
  • A scissor lift is key for those hard to reach places 

We removed the paint on one wall for the exposed brick look. Quick Tip: If you want to have a good time, try sandblasting brick indoors.

Then on other walls, we added some paint.

The build-out and plumbing work is well on its way to completion. This is what the skeleton of a giant bar looks like.

And the most important part so far...The arrival of our equipment! While we did have to rip out a window to get the equipment into the space, once it was in, it was surprisingly easy to move. (Many thanks to Minnetonka Brewing Equipment).

Standing on the brewing platform of recently delivered equipment makes it feel very real.

So what's next? Brewing some amazing beer! 

Well, technically next we have to start cleaning and passivating the equipment, getting Health Department inspections done, and completing water run throughs...

BUT THEN brewing that sweet, sweet beer. Well, brewing bitter, citrusy, malty, aromatic beer...but you get the point.