Phase Shift 02 // Isanti Spirits Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Porter

Barrel Aged Porter
7.5% ABV

Released November 19, 2016 // Local rye whiskey barrels from Isanti Spirits contribute rich, complex malt and wood characteristics to a porter previously aged on white oak and cherry wood.

What is a Phase Shift? 

With regard to wave motion, a phase shift represents the amount a wave has shifted horizontally from the original wave. Because the horizontal axis denotes time, a phase shift represents a shift in time from the original wave. The signal in a circuit, for example, will have some phase shift between the input and the output.

We think this definition exemplifies the shift in the flavor and form of our beers over a period of time when aged in barrels.

Read more about the creation of our barrel aging program.

Phase Shift 02 // Isanti Spirits Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Porter

A beautiful relationship was forming when Head Brewer, Derek Brown met Rick Schneider from Isanti Spirits. You can read all about the roots of our collaboration and Derek's brew day visit in Isanti, MN here. This beer was released in our Taproom on November 19, 2016. With only 77 cases to go around, this beer was sold out in only 3 hours! So, in other words, if you were lucky enough to get one of these bottles, be sure savor every last drop!

Released November 19, 2016