Lecky Scottish Ale

Scottish Ale
5.5% ABV

A dry peated Scottish ale with a well-balanced peated smoke flavor to appeal to smoked ale and Scotch lovers alike, yet smooth enough for those unfamiliar with the style.

What’s with the name?

Lecky is Scottish slang for electricity, as in “You should see the size of my lecky bill last month!” Maybe it won’t catch on here in the states but we figured it’s a great name for our Scottish ale. We also liked the fact that the X in the Scottish flag is used in electrical diagrams to denote a light, hence the icon on the bottles.

Beer and Brewing Info

BJCP: Scottish Export 80/-, Style 9C

IBUs: 36

OG 1.063

FG 1.024


In addition to be used as slang for electricity, Lecky is also a common surname in Scotland. It is uncertain as to when the surname was first recorded but it is said that a Murdoch Lechie received a grants of lands from King David 11 of Scotland in the year 1348. Early examples of the surname recordings include those of David Lecky, who in 1537 was denounced by the government of Scotland as 'a rebel'. Learn more on the Surname Database.

Brewed December - January

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Lecky Scottish Brewing Diagram
Lecky Brewing Diagram