Daisy Chain Saison


Brewed with ginger and orange peel, this is a refreshing Belgian Saison with a twist.

What’s with the name?

This beer is the brainchild of our latest Fourier Series project. It was sparked by an inquiry from a new restaurant wanting an exclusive beer for their taps. Heirloom, located on Marshall Avenue in St. Paul, wanted a modern farmhouse ale to match their modern farmhouse cuisine. Something light yet flavorful, organic on the pallatte, and approachable to all. After some discussion, we decided on a saison we wanted to name Daisy Chain - With the restaurant owning the special edition, Heirloom Daisy Chain.

In electrical engineering terms, a daisy chain is a wiring scheme that combines multiple devices in sequence or in a ring.  We thought this name exemplified the mutually beneficial relationship we formed with Heirloom. 

Beer and Brewing Info

BJCP: Belgian Saison

IBUs: 40

OG 13

FG 1.5


A daisy chain has many uses - it can even be worn on your head! When you connect the stems of many daisies together, you can create either a crown or a necklace which is also referred to as a daisy chain.

Brewed June - July

Coming to 16oz. cans June 2017!

Check for taproom availability