Barrel Shifter Porter

Wood Aged Porter
7.5% ABV

An oak-aged porter with strong vanilla notes and just a hint of cherry

What's With the Name?

A barrel shifter is a digital circuit that can shift a data word by a specified number of bits in one clock cycle. It can be implemented as a sequence of multiplexers (mux.), and in such an implementation the output of one mux is connected to the input of the next mux in a way that depends on the shift distance.

Beer & Brewing Info

BJCP Style: Wood-Aged Beer, Style 22C

Mashed @ 156°F for 60min OG 1.076

FG 1.024


The world of home computers didn't really become interesting until late 1986 when Intel released its 3rd generation chip - the 80386, or simply the 386 which used the barrel shifter to rotate any 32-bit number in one clock cycle. The removal of the barrel shifter from Intel's P4 design is blamed by most for its slowness.

Barrel Shifter Bottle

Brewed December - January

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Barrel Shifter Porter Brewing Diagram
Barrel Shifter Porter Brewing Diagram