Circuit Breaker Double IPA

Imperial IPA
8.1% ABV

A smooth and complex Double IPA brewed with Calypso and Amarillo hops.

What’s with the name?

A circuit breaker is an automatically operated electrical switch designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by excess current, typically resulting from an overload or short circuit. Its basic function is to interrupt current flow after a fault is detected. We thought this term fit as the name of this beer perfectly, as it manages and protects the drinker from an excess of imperial hoppy deliciousness, while riding as close to the point of overload as possible. 

Beer and Brewing Info

BJCP: Imperial IPA

IBUs: 80

OG 18.4

FG 3.4


There are 10 types of basic circuit breakers! Who knew? There's low-voltage, magnetic, thermal magnetic, magnetic-hydraulic, common trip, medium-voltage, high-voltage, Sulfur hexafluoride high-voltage, disconnecting, and carbon dioxide high-voltage.