Flip Switch IPA

American IPA
6.2% ABV

An American IPA with deep citrus and grapefruit aroma, malty backbone and a relaxed bitterness

What’s with the name?

A flip switch is a mechanism actuating the transition between open and closed states of an electrical circuit. Probably the most common example is a light switch. You know that intense bright light you get when you flip on a good old fashioned light bulb? The kind that almost blinds you until your eyes have a second to adjust? Well the bold hop flavor you experience in the first sip of a Flip Switch is kind of like that, without the blindness of course.

Beer and Brewing Info

BJCP: American IPA, Style 14B

IBUs: 63.9

OG 1.063

FG 1.016


In countries prone to earthquakes, such as Japan, most light switches are positioned sideways to prevent the switch from inadvertently being turned on or off by falling objects.

Full Label

Brewed year round.

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Flip Switch IPA Brewing Diagram
Brew Diagram Flip Switch IPA