Wheatstone Bridge

American Style Wheat
5.4% ABV

A crisp and refreshing American style wheat beer with distinct flavors of honey and chamomile tea

What’s with the name?

Invented by Samuel Hunter Christie in 1833 and improved and popularized by Sir Charles Wheatstone in 1843, a Wheatstone bridge is an electrical circuit used to measure an unknown electrical resistance by balancing two legs of a bridge circuit, one leg of which includes the unknown component. But don't over think this one, instead picture Sir Charles Wheatstone basking in the sun, drinking a beer and enjoying the fame and popularity that undoubtedly comes with popularizing someone else's invention.

Beer and Brewing Info

BJCP: American Style Wheat or Rye, Style 6D

IBUs: 12.7

OG 1.054

FG 1.006


While performing experiments in electricity as a teenager, Wheatsone ran short of the money he needed to buy copper-plates for building a battery. While looking at the few copper pennies he had left, a thought occurred, 'We must use the pennies themselves,' he said, and the battery was soon complete.

Brewed year round.

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Wheatstone Bridge Brewing Diagram
Wheatstone Brewing Diagram