Bot IPAs

Various IPA styles

These hyper-fresh, hyper-limited hop bombs will only be available for a short time, so grab them when you see them!

A new monthly IPA collection showcasing new, exciting, and experimental hops.

March 2020 -- Witch Bot (brewed in collaboration with Witch Hunt)

January 2020 -- Rock Them Bot vs Sock Them Bot (mixed 4-packs)



Previous Bot IPAs:

December 2019 -- Cryo Bot (brewed with Lupulin Brewing Company)


November 2019 -- Cash Bot


October 2019 -- Ope! Bot (brewed with all Minnesotan ingredients, including Mighty Axe Hops, Vertical Malt, and Bare Honey)


September 2019 -- Pixel Bot

August 2019 -- Spy Bot


July 2019 -- Beach Bot