Orange Dream State

Creamsicle Cream Ale

Brewed with fresh oranges and vanilla to remind you of backyard picnics, fireworks, and cooling down with a frozen ice pop.

Served in a pint, not on a stick

There's nothing quite like a sip of nostalgia, and a perfect summer day with a frozen treat is the best kind of nostalgia we can think of. The result is our Dream State line of Creamsicle Cream Ales, inspired by that feeling you'd get when you'd hear the ice cream truck's jingle from your backyard and sprint out for a novelty posicle to cool down with. 

We couldn't think of a better place to start than the classic orange creamsicle. To get there, we took our house Cream Ale base and infused it with fresh orange and vanilla to create a beer that tastes remarkable similar to these summer indulgences. By replacing the ice cream center with vanilla, we were able to keep the beer dairy-free for our vegan friends, ensuring everyone can enjoy this blast from the past.


Beer & Brewing Info

Style: Cream Ale

IBUs: 12

ABV: 5.5%