Irish Cream Stout


A classic American stout infused with the flavors of Irish cream: coffee, chocolate, and vanilla.

There's "luck of the Irish," then there's luck of the customer who was able to snag a bottle of our beloved Irish Cream Stout before we'd sell out. Well that's all changed now, as we're bringing this mythical infusion out of the confines of our Spark Series and into full seasonal rotation. 

We took a classic American stout and infused it with the traditional flavors of Irish cream, including coffee, chocolate, and vanilla. It's sweet, but still roasty, rich but still easy to drink, and will not be around long.

Best drank in your greenest outfit and with a hearty "Sláinte" as Tin Whiskers President (and true Irishman) Jeff Moriarty would say.


Beer & Brewing Info

BJCP Style: Sweet Stout, 13B

IBUs: 55

OG 1.065

FG 1.022


Full Label: