Pink Lemonade Dream State

Pink Lemonade-style Cream Ale

The fourth installment in our Dream State line is a soon-to-be summer classic, packed with fresh lemons and vanilla.

Hot pink can. Ice cold beer.


Our Dream State line was built so we could turn some of our favorite ice pop flavors from our childhood (and adulthood, no judgment) into artfully engineered beers. This installment tackles the picnic-favorite: Pink Lemonade. We added fresh, nicely tart lemons to our cream ale base, then finished it on just a touch of vanilla to smooth out the beer.

Oh, and the beer is just as pink as the can.

Pink Lemonade Dream State will be available through September for all your backyard grill sessions and socially distanced get-togethers, and is the perfect summer crusher.


Beer & Brewing Info


Style: Cream Ale

IBUs: 12

ABV: 5.5%