Spark Series: Volt

Elderflower Rhubarb Wheat
6.1% ABV

Perfect for fans of crisp ciders or dry sours, this tart wheat beer has subtle floral notes and finishes with just a hint of rhubarb.

What’s with the name?

Voltage is the measurement of how much energy it takes to move an electrical charge from one point to another. 

Beer and Brewing Information

OG: 13.4

FG: 2

IBU: 10


Volta's early battery, which he called a "voltaic pile", was initially built with brine-soaked carboard!  Volta was well-respected by his university students and leaders of governement and society.  Napoleon Bonaparte so revered him that he named Volta a Count in 1810.


Volt Elderflower Rhubarb Wheat craft beer from Tin Whiskers Brewing

Brewed December-January

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