Fossil Finder IPA

American IPA

A classically clean IPA with an assertive bitterness and bright notes of orange zest, pine and red berries.

Can you dig it?

Sometimes classic beer styles feel like they’ve gone the way of the dinosaur. We wanted to resurrect the classic American IPA, with some new age techniques, to create a clean drinking IPA familiar to those who prefer the old days, but balanced enough for those who lean towards today’s hazy IPAs.


What does “Hop Stand” mean?

This is a relatively new way of extracting flavor and aroma from hops without all the bitterness usually associated with them. Once Fossil Finder was done boiling (when traditional hop additions would have happened), we turned off the heat and let both the Amarillo and Centennial hops steap to get the exact kind of citrus notes we wanted without any additonal harsh bitterness.

Available February-April.

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