Distortion Mango New England IPA

New England IPA with Fresh Mango

A hazy, juicy addition to our IPA lineup. This hop bomb is brewed with fresh mango to bring a bright tropical note to your new favorite Minnesotan beer.

What's With the Name?

Most of us think as distortion as the something special that gives electrical guitars that sweet sound, kind of like the mango acts as a little something special in this New England IPA. But distortion can also refer to an unwanted interference or "noise" that alters the path of an electrical signal. This alteration can be caused by the proximity of two wires to each other or even the electrical frequencies given off by other nearby devices.

In case this beer sounds a little familiar, you might remember it by it's original name: AC/OC. We first brewed this as part of an exciting collaboration with the Old Chicago restaurants of the Twin Cities, and it was one of the first entries in our Spark Series. Now it's graduated to a full seasonal, perfect for tropical Midwestern summers.

Beer & Brewing Info

Style: New England IPA

IBUs 25

OG 14.4

FG 3.6

Available Spring-Summer.

Check for taproom availability