Recharging Wheatstone Bridge

For a good portion of our first five years in business, we were likely best known as a brewery for Wheatstone Bridge, our award-winning flagship American Wheat Ale with chamomile and honey.



If you saw our taphandle at your local pub, there was a good chance this was the beer on tap, and it was one of the first products we pushed to get into liquor stores back in 2014. Wheatstone Bridge even won a bronze medal at the 2018 Great American Beer Festival, the world’s largest beer competition.



However, as the craft beer market both here in Minnesota and nationwide continues to evolve, the concept of flagship beers -- beers that breweries produce year round -- has taken a backseat to consumers thirst for innovation and new offerings. With our long history of crafting unique infusions -- first exclusive to our taproom, then made available in bars and liquor stores through our Spark Series -- we felt like this was the perfect opportunity to recharge Wheatstone Bridge by releasing some of our favorite infused versions in cans for the first time. 



That means, starting mid-September, standard Wheatstone Bridge will no longer be available in cans. This makes room for rotating varieties of Wheatstone Bridge and more exciting new products hitting liquor store shelves for curious, thirsty drinkers like you. 



We will kick off this infusion variant schedule with Blueberry Wheatstone Bridge, which will hit shelves just as the original product runs out. Standard Wheatstone Bridge will move to draft-only, meaning you’ll still be able to find it on tap at your favorite bar or in our Lowertown taproom.



You might have a couple questions. 


How long will each infusion last? 

That’s the fun part -- it’s up to you! The more an infusion sells, the more likely we are to keep it available for a while. Likely, a couple months each.


Will original Wheatstone Bridge ever come back to cans?

Probably. We’re excited for this experiment, and we don’t have a timeline for it’s return at this time, but we’d be surprised if we never can it again.


After Blueberry Wheatstone, what’s next?

We’re still deciding! Let us know if you have a suggestion.



Like a proud parent watching our small child begin developing their own personalities, we can’t wait to watch Wheatstone Bridge continue to grow and evolve with the times. We’ll be bringing back some taproom-only favorites, as well as some brand new varieties never before released. Do you have a favorite infusion you want to see in cans? Make sure to let us know via your social media outlet of choice.