Fourier Series Beer R&D

Fourier Series Beer R & D


The Fourier Series is Tin Whiskers' experimental product development beer series.  We have developed a process that brings new beers to the world using time-honored scientific methodologies and rigorous product testing.  Our brew team is constantly devising new beer concepts.  The Fourier Series allows us to include you, our fans, in the product development process.  We will regularly introduce Fourier Series beers in the taproom, often different variations on the same beer, for side-by-side comparisons. Your feedback will help us craft the best beer possible. 


Current Project | Fourier Series: Lager

The people have asked, and we want to deliver. There is high demand for sessionable, easy to drink beers of all styles, and the traditional lager is no acception. This is a beer that we plan to package and distribute seasonally for the masses, and we are shooting for early March for the final, full-production product to be released, so stay tuned!

Joseph Fourier - inspiration for the Fourier Series beers

Why Fourier?

In 1822, Joseph Fourier created a series of transformational mathematical equations often used by electrical engineers. He's also the namesake of a prestigious science, technology and medical university in Grenoble, France.  We transform water, grains, hops, yeast and occasionally specialty ingredients into tasty, refreshing beer. The Fourier series encapsulates these new creations and gives us a space to experiment with new beer styles and ingredients.

Learn more about Joseph Fourier.

The Process

Each Fourier Series beer will undergo the same rigorous testing process.  We use your feedback through taproom surveys and sales information to guide our product development decisions.  Every time you sample a Fourier Series beer, you'll have the opportunity to tell us what you like about the beer and what you think could be improved.  Your surveys are critical to the ultimate success of the beers.  The more detail you can share in those surveys, the better our process (and our beers) will become.  Ultimately, we'll continually add new delicious beers to our line-up, with your help!

The Fourier Series beers go through 4 stages on their way to reaching the regular rotation - or landing at a special event.  The earliest phase gives us a sneak peek at the beer-to-come and our first sense of how close we are to the target we have in mind.  In the beta phase, we work out the kinks and get the beer ready to move to the big brewing system.  After that Pre-Production run on the big system, the beer is ready for Production and becomes part of our growing family of beers.

Alpha Phase

Beta Phase



Special Projects

Initial concept batch(s). This stage is a really rough first cut at the concept being pursued. A beer can be in alpha stage for more than one iteration depending on the extent of the changes. A lot can change with the beer at this stage.  The first batch to see the light of day and benefit from your senses of sight, smell and taste. We take your comments and modify the recipe as needed. A beer moves to the beta stage when the majority of the beer is where we and you want it to be. A beer in this stage will undergo just minor tweaks and adjustments to get the flavors, aromas, and balance where it needs to be. Final public test batch. First batch brewed on the big system. Beers that shine through this rigorous process will be added to our regular rotation. The resulting beers may graduate to annual seasonal status or become part of our flagship line, alongside The Big Three. Some Fourier Series beers may be special one-time creations for Festivals, contests or other events. Those beers might skip the early steps of the process, but won’t graduate to full-time status.

Fourier Series Status Report

Keep track of your favorite Fourier Series experimental beers here.  We'll regularly update the brewing schedule so you can come back in and try the beers again as they move through the process.






Special Project

Session Ale

Complete 8/3/15: rev 0

Complete 9/8/15: rev 1

Complete 10/11/15: rev 2

Complete 6/30/16: rev 3

Complete 6/30/16: rev 4

Complete 6/30/16: rev 5

Complete 8/5/16: rev 6

Complete 8/5/16: rev 7






Complete 11/15: rev 0

Complete 12/10: rev 1






Complete 1/15: rev 1

Complete 1/15: rev 2

Complete 1/15: rev 3

Complete 2/19: rev 4

Complete 2/19: rev 5

Complete 4/15: rev 6

Complete 4/15: rev 7


Complete 5/12: Final 15bbl tap release

Complete 6/12: Welcome to the seasonal lineup, Daisy Chain Saison! We are excited to be welcoming this beer to our 4-pack, 16oz. can lineup in 2017.






Complete 1/3/17: rev 1

Complete 1/30/17: rev 2








Beer Notes

Session Ale Alpha Phase 0 Report, 8/3:

Excellent feedback on the concept. Average customer rating:  4.233.  Crisp, clean summer beer with nice balance of citrus and hop.  Most common feedback affecting recipe:  More finishing hops/flavor could last longer.

Session Ale Alpha Phase 1 Report, 9/9:  

Good feedback on latest iteration.  Average customer rating:  3.32.  Clean and balanced flavors.  Most common feedback affecting recipe:  Less bitter at the end.  (Brewer's notes:  We increased the hop amounts to address Rev 1 feedback, but will be reducing that amount in the next Rev.)

Session Ale Alpha Phase 2 Report, 10/11:

Better feedback on this last iteration. Average customer rating: 4.16. People liked the return of the fruity, Pacifica hop flavors, similar to the last batch. Most common feedback affecting recipe: Liked the hoppier flavors but wanted more finish. 

Marzen (Oktoberfest) Alpha Phase 0 Report, 11/15:

People either really liked, or really disliked this beer. Average customer rating: 3.87. A strong pilsner bite. Most common feedback affecting recipe: Liked the balance upfront, but thought the finish was too bitter-centric.

Marzen (Oktoberfest) Alpha Phase 1 Report, 12/10:

Good feedback on this last iteration. Average customer rating: 3.93. Starting to taste more like a traditional Oktoberfest. Most common feedback affecting the recipe: Better than the first, but still needs more flavor and maltiness to the body. 

Saison Alpha Rev 1 Report, 2/12:

Pils malt forward | This came in as people's favorite, but they were split on the flavor. Average customer rating: 3.75. The pilsner 'bite'  was a very common thing people liked most about it, and a very common thing people would change about it. 

Saison Alpha Rev 2 Report, 2/12:

Vienna malt forward | This was the least favorite, but overall good. Average customer rating: 3.31. People said this was easy drinking or well balanced, but nothing stood out to people on the positive end. Many were seeking more fruity esters.

Saison Alpha Rev 3 Report, 2/12:

Equal parts malt combination | People liked this one for it's traditional qualities. Average customer rating: 3.56. Folks liked the crisp and traditional saison qualities of this batch. But in general, people thought it was a little too bitter and had a lingering aftertaste. 

Saison Alpha Rev 4 Report, 3/1:

East Kent Golding Hops | Customers liked both revision 4 and 5 - this rev slightly less. Average customer rating: 3.86. People liked what they identified as either floral or fruity hop notes up front, but the most common comment on something they would change was that this was too bitter for a saison. Others thought it was too lemony or too sharp.

Saison Alpha Rev 5 Report, 3/1:

Mandarina and Saphir Hops | This was folks favorite so far. Average customer rating: 3.87. Overwhelmingly, people loved the citrus notes of the hops showcased in this batch, and the most common request for change was to bring out even more of those citrusy, tangerine flavors or to bump up these notes even more. 

Saison Alpha Rev 6 Report, 4/12:

French Saison Yeast | Avg Customer Rating: 3.64 | The feedback with this beer was relatively moderate, with most people noting that they were more fond of the overall aroma and flavor of this rev vs. rev 7. The noted a sweeter character, and stronger yeast esters.

Saison Alpha Rev 7 Report, 4/12:

Belgian Yeast | Avg Customer Rating: 3.98 | People were generally fond of this yeast strain vs. rev 6, noting that it blended well with the other aromas and flavors of the saison, without being lost. It also was noted as tasting more traditional.

Session Ale Alpha Phase 3 rev 3 Report, 6/30/16:

American Wheat Yeast | Avg Customer Rating: 3.52 | Overall, customers noted that this yeast created more sweetness, and less favorable aroma than rev 4 or rev 5.

Session Ale Alpha Phase 3 rev 4 Report, 6/30/16:

British Ale Yeast | Avg Customer Rating: 4.10 | This was by far the more favored yeast variety, contributing a fresher flavor without covering up the hop aromas.

Session Ale Alpha Phase 3 rev 5 Report, 6/30/16:

Northwest Ale Yeast | Avg Customer Rating: 3.75 | People were split on this beer, with some liking the more estery, yeast flavor, and others thinking it was too sweet and lacking aroma.

Session Ale Alpha Phase 4 rev 6 Report, 8/5/16:

Mandarina Baveria, German Saphir and Chinook | Avg Customer Rating: 3.57 | People liked the flavor without it being too hop-forward. On the other hand, customers noted it had less flavor than rev 7, and was lacking aroma.

Session Ale Alpha Phase 4 rev 7 Report, 8/5/16:

Mandarina Bavaria, Citra and Aus. Galaxy | Avg Customer Rating: 3.94 | There was a strong fondness for the aroma of the citra hop in this batch, and a fondness for the Galaxy hop. The only negative feedback was that it was too hoppy for a session pale ale.

Lager Alpha rev 1 Report, 1/3/17:

Avg Customer Rating: 3.59 | This was the lowest scoring of the Lager batches. Those who liked it tended to like the color and the crispness the best. Those who rated it lower said things like "doesn't taste like a lager," or that the beer needed more hops.

Lager Alpha rev 2 Report, 1/30/17:

Avg Customer Rating: 3.9 | Consumers preferred this version much more to the last, with overall positive feedback. People liked that it was very clean/crisp and it tasted like what those guests thought a red lager should taste like. Those who rated it slightly lower, thought it should be a little, "more bold."