Salted Nut Roll Cream Ale 2020: Re-engineered for a Return

We are beyond excited to announce the release of Salted Nut Roll Cream Ale 2020! This is a completely revamped, retooled, and re-engineered version of Salted Nut Roll Cream Ale, now built from the base up to better replicate the flavors of Saint Paul’s favorite candy, the Pearson’s Salted Nut Roll.

We heard your feedback, went back to the drawing board, and cannot wait for you to try what we came up with. Starting with the recipe of the base cream ale, we brought in malts that featured more nutty and caramel-forward flavors to ensure the beer was more receptive to the adjunct ingredients coming later in the process. We also ditched the white chocolate for lactose and vanilla to replicate the nougat's creaminess. Last year's iteration lacked peanut and seemed to miss the savory part of this savory/sweet treat, so we definitely upped the amount of peanut butter we used, as well as changing to a new salted caramel to add that touch of salt the final product needed.

So when can you try this new iteration of Salted Nut Roll Cream Ale? We’ll debut it in our Lowertown taproom (on tap and in crowlers) on Friday, March 6th, and cans will hit all our liquor store partners through the following weeks. If you loved last year’s version, we think you’re going to find just as much to like in this year’s batch. If you thought the previous version needed a little something, we hope you give Salted Nut Roll Cream Ale 2020 a try. We’re incredibly proud of the work our team did to recalibrate and reintroduce this beer, and we’re excited to share a pint with you.