Co-founder Jeff Moriarty is a Minnesota Chancetaker

We Took A Chance

About a month back we had the opportunity to partner with the Minnesota State Lottery on a really fun project. Their goal was to feature those in Minnesota who are 'Chancetakers', to show that in life, and in the lottery, you are weighing the same types of decisions -- To risk or not to risk?

As Jeff states, "What taking a chance means to me, is having a dream and a vision for something and having the guts and the courage to pursue it to your fullest extent."  

Here's what the MN Lottery had to say about Tin Whiskers.

"Tin Whiskers Brewing Company invites you to raise a glass to their journey and strong belief in taking chances. 

After graduating from the University of Minnesota with electrical engineering degrees, Jeff and two co-founders, Jake Johnson and George Kellerman, started their careers as electrical engineers but had a much different dream.

After four years of home brewing in their basements, the three opened Tin Whiskers Brewing Company in St. Paul.

Without having ever lost their roots in electrical engineering, Jeff, Jake and George have joined the craft beer movement in Minnesota. You can see all their “nerdiness” showcased in the names of brews, design of the machinery and even down to their serving trays

Learn the full story of Jeff Moriarty and Tin Whiskers by watching the second installment in our #MNChancetakers series, a collection that celebrates Minnesotans who have taken a chance.

Share Jeff’s story and inspire those around you to embrace the beauty of chance. Also, check out our other social media channels to see more from Jeff and hear his words of encouragement for you."