Tin Whiskers No Longer Living in Jeff’s Basement: The Microbrewery Grows Up and Buys a Home

It's Official!

Tin Whiskers officially landed a new location at 125 E. 9th Street, St. Paul, Minn. In October 2013, we closed on the site, located within the Rossmor building in downtown Saint Paul. The new location will house a microbrewery and taproom.

Building History
The Rossmor Building is rich in history. Originally built in 1916 as a munitions factory for World War I, the war came to a close before weapon production began. The building was then inhabited by Foot, Schulze and Co., a shoe manufacturer from Red Wing. By the mid-1900’s most of the businesses moved out, while residential renters made themselves at home. The building became known for artistic life, and by 2003 included renovated loft-style condominiums. The Rossmor now houses 133 residential units, while the first floor of the building remains as commercial space. Tin Whiskers resides in the northwest corner of the first floor, a space that has been occupied in the past by a screen printing company and a university art gallery.

The Next Steps
The purchase of the space gets us one step closer to opening the doors and clanking our glasses together in celebration. Tin Whiskers is working hard on build out plans, design plans, and of course constantly formulating new beers. We have already begun ordering equipment and starting basic demolition. Each week brings tremendous progress and we can’t wait to have you over for the grand opening.

Check back as we share our progress over the next few months. Because of our open source brewing philosophy, many future blog posts will detail the steps we have taken in order to get where we are today. Some of the upcoming blogs will relate to selecting the location, the paperwork and applications processes, demolition and construction, interior design, and the purchasing of equipment. By sharing our knowledge, we hope to embrace and encourage other homebrewers, future brewery owners, and craft beer enthusiasts.

We anxiously await the upcoming year, and the excitement it will bring. Happy New Year from Tin Whiskers!