Roboshake IPA

Dairy-Free Milkshake IPA

Finished with vanilla instead of lactose to create a rich, creamy milkshake IPA that's vegan- and lactose intolerance-friendly!

You asked for it. We made it happen.

We’re finally bringing Roboshake -- our dairy-free milkshake IPA line -- to cans! 

So much fruit, it’s gotta be healthy

Strawberry Banana Roboshake IPA is silky smooth milkshake IPA absolutely loaded with fresh fruit. The finished product is a medium bodied, juicy IPA that just about anyone can drink. Vegans and those with lactose intolerance rejoice -- rather than using the traditional lactose sugar to mimic a milkshake’s creamy sweetness, we opted for real vanilla for a similar finish and flavor.

Released in December

Check for taproom availability