Lingonberry Cream Ale

A light, easy drinking cream ale aged on Lingonberries for a tart, fruity finish.

The most Minnesotan of Cream Ales.

Originally made as a one-off keg for Super Bowl Week 2018 to showcase a Scandenavian take on a classic style, this beer was so popular we had to bring it back. Now a part of our Spark Series, this complex brew is now available in cans across thee metro. Perfect for fans of sours, ciders, rosé, and summer.

What's with the name?

A nod to every's favorite Swedish retailer, Ikea, Lingonström is a new word, comibining the Swedish words for Lingonberry ("lingon") and electrical current ("ström"). 

Beer & Brewing Info

Style: Cream Ale

IBUs: 12

ABV: 5.5%