AC/OC New England Mango IPA

New England Fruit IPA
5.8% ABV

In collaboration with Old Chicago of Minnesota, this New England style IPA is fermented on mangoes creating a hazy, juicy, fruity brew.

What's With the Name?

Let us break this down for you:

The 'AC' stands for AC (alternating current) Electricity which was first demonstrated in 1893 at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago during the "War of the Currents." During this time, Westinghouse Electric was bidding to power the fair and a 'war' broke out during a series of events surrounding the introduction of competing electric power transmission systems. This included a commercial competition, a debate over electrical safety, and a media/propaganda campaign, with the main players being the direct current (DC) based Edison Electric Light Company and the alternating current (AC) based Westinghouse Electric Company. Read more about its fascinating history.

The 'OC' stands for Old Chicago! We have been thrilled to be selected to partner with them on this exclusive brew being tapped at their locations in Roseville, Apple Valley, Eden Praire, and Duluth on Wednesday, September 6th at 6p. 

Beer & Brewing Info

BJCP Style: New England IPA

IBUs 25

OG 14.4

FG 3.6


Edison Electric Light Company, creators and proponents of direct current (DC) electricity, was founded by nonother than famed inventor Thomas Edison.

Brewed August-September.

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